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IEEE 1584 Section 4

Guide for Arc Flash Hazard Calculations, states that the results of the arc flash hazard analysis are used to "identify the flash-protection boundary and the incident energy at assigned working distances throughout any position or level in the overall electrical system."


 REMEMBER…. an arc flash assessment and risk mitigation strategies are investments in your organization, your reputation and the prevention of catastrophic damage, suffering and loss. What’s at stake could be a human life. And there’s no price for that. 


  You can’t put a cost on human life.The investment in an arc flash hazard assessment is largely driven by the field work required to visit and catalog every device into a working model. The size, complexity and how physically spread out an electrical system is constitutes a big portion of the work. A Typically, simple buildings can run in the $5,000 – $15,000 range and multi-site, multi building campuses can run into the six-figure range. In addition to the actual assessment, you will also want to consider:

  • Ongoing preventive electrical maintenance must be integrated into your risk mitigation plan;
  • ‘Qualified Individuals’ require training on a regular basis;
  • Updating the arc flash hazard analysis when and if a major upgrade occurs, or at least every 3 years.